Travel professionals are a part of a vital network of information and relationships! So, yeah you could book your travel online via Expedia, etc. And, yes not always will your travel agent be able to beat those prices, however, they can most likely get you an upgrade or a welcome amenity!  If you are traveling internationally – it is even more valuable to use your travel agent. You are paying them for your peace of mind, they will ensure you have a smooth trip from connections, to transfers, to on-site activities. You are securing the insiders view and our relationships.

  1. Your Travel Agents will have your back – they are your personal travel shopper!

  2. Buying travel is a unique proposition – both a service and product.

  3. Travel Agents are experts at deciphering the clutter of online offers!

  4. They review each segment of your travel!

  5. They save you time and money AND they are your advocate for insider upgrades!